Forkliftonline affiliate program
Become our affiliate and get rewarded for each attracted client
Become an affiliate
Registration in the program
Sign up for the affiliate program and get a unique affiliate link or id.
Attract customers
All users who followed your link or registered using your unique affiliate id become your referrals forever.
Get rewarded
You profit from all invoices paid by the attracted client (referral), and the client will receive an additional discount on all services.
What is a unique partner code?
Affiliate id is a special code that is a unique identifier of the affiliate. Affiliate ids help us understand that a new client came specifically from you. The id is convenient because it can be sent over as a text or communicated orally to a potential client. Also, the client can use the id in the appropriate field when registering or communicate it to the manager by phone. You can get your affiliate id in your affiliate account dashboard after registering.
Every client that will register with your affiliate link or your affiliate id, will receive an additional 10% discount for all the services of the company.
Where can I post a referral link?
You can post the referral link on websites, blogs, forums, social media, and other platforms unless this is forbidden by the rules of the affiliate program.
What percentage will I receive for each attracted client?
Affiliates receive 10% as commission on payments of attracted clients. You can also discuss individual terms with our manager if you are interested in closer cooperation.
How do I withdraw funds?
Commissions from clients' payments are immediately credited to your Forkliftonline balance. You can withdraw them via PayPal or bank transfer (in which case you will need to send an invoice). Commission withdrawals are made upon request. The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 euros to PayPal or 50 euros to a bank account.
How is a client linked to the affiliate?
A client linked to the affiliate:
- when they click on your referral link;
- if the client enters your affiliate id when registering their company at Forkliftonline;
- if the client mentions your affiliate id to the Forkliftonline manager during the service activation (in a conversation or in correspondence);
Users who are already Forkliftonline customers cannot be linked to an affiliate.
When they activate the service using your affiliate id or a referral link, the client receives an additional 10% discount on all services of the company.
Where can I see statistics on attracted clients?
Your affiliate account includes "Statistics" tab, where you can track all unique clicks on your link, the number of attracted clients, and payments for every client.
Is it necessary to have your own website to become an affiliate?
Anyone can take part in the affiliate program, it is not necessary to have one's own website.
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